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About Us

Providing excellence in educational theatre since 1993

Mission Statement

The Five Star Theatre Company offers challenging musical theatre productions with quality performance related training. Our program nurtures aspiring actors, dancers and singers at every level, fostering a caring environment where all students can flourish. The Company uses the power of live theatre to educate, inform and entertain.

About Us

In 1993 we were a small group of people who loved theatre and we lovingly worked to produce our first musical theatre production, Annie. That musical was a huge success for us and established us as a new program, serious about theatre.

During the audition process we were overwhelmed by the number of young performers who came to be a part of our show. This got us thinking that there was a definite need for a place where children who loved to perform could do so.

The next summer we began the Five Star Theatre Program for children ages 9 through 15. Now, many years later, we enjoy each new theatre season and each new production with the children who audition for and are accepted into the Five Star Theatre experience.

Our reputation for excellence in performance training and theatre education for children has become well-known. We hire experienced artists and educators who have skills in all aspects of theatre. We love what we do and so enjoy seeing the progress each performer makes over the course of the program!

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