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The Five Star Theatre Company


2024 counselors, coming soon!
Allie O'Brien Five Star

Head Counselor

Allie O'Brien

Allie has been a Five Star counselor since 2017 and is thrilled to be back for another incredible summer! Allie graduated from Merrimack College in 2020 earning her Bachelor's in Elementary Education. She then went on to earn her Master's in Special Education in 2021. She is a second grade teacher at Bancroft Elementary School in Andover, Massachusetts. Her love for theatre and performing started when she became involved in musicals when she was in middle school, and it only grew more through high school, college, and beyond! She can't wait to share her love for the stage with this year's Five Star participants!


Counselor, 2023

Anna Bonazoli

Anna is so excited to be a first-time Five Star counselor this year! Anna graduated from Reading Memorial High School in 2022 and since then has been on a gap year working at Enchanted Dance Academy and traveling to Sumatra, Bali, and Fiji. In the fall she will be attending Salve Regina University as an elementary and special ed major with a minor in dance. She can't wait for this summer working on Peter Pan Jr. with everyone! 


Counselor, 2023

Ryan Cain

At 9 years old, Ryan developed a craving to get out of his audience seat and perform on stage. While watching his sister perform on stage in Five Star’s 2013 production of Starmites, Ryan was extremely mad at himself for choosing not to audition for the season as he watched the actors on-stage celebrate their accomplishments of being cast in Starmites.  Prior to entering the RMHS Theater for this production of Starmites, 9 year old Ryan was glad he chose not to audition for the show, he assumed acting, singing, and dancing were none of his interests.  After watching Starmites, a switch turned, and Ryan was filled with an unbearable amount of regret for choosing not to audition, as he realized that it looked like a lot of fun to be on stage, and was granted the opportunity to create a character different from his own. Ryan wanted to show the world his capability of creating theatre, and Five Star gave Ryan exactly that, an amazing jumpstart to his career as an actor.  Ryan knew his jealousy of the Five Star actors in Starmites was just another telling factor that he needed to explore this art form, and learn as much about it as humanly possible!  At 10 years old, Ryan couldn’t wait to audition for Five Star’s production of Shrek, Ryan was a bit let down to learn he hadn’t been cast in his dream role of Pinochio, but found his Robin Hood role in the fairytale creatures ensemble so much of a blast that he forgot he wanted to play Pinocchio in the first place, and ended up only caring about bringing his cast role, Robin Hood to life, which Ryan found oh so satisfying.  Ryan was absolutely floored to learn how much he could adore this art form while learning about it in the Five Star workshops, and performing of course.  After closing Ryan’s first show Shrek, Ryan’s career with theatre was just getting started, every opportunity that crossed Ryan’s way, he seized.  Ryan is a native Reading-ian, he has performed in Coolidge Middle School’s drama club, Colonial Chorus Players community theatre, RMHS Drama Club, Stephen MacDonald’s Venturing Theatricals, and this fall he’s attending his sophomore year as a musical theatre major at his dream school conservatory, Manhattan School of Music in pursuance of his Bachelor’s of Music.  Ryan is overjoyed to be returning to Five Star as a camp counselor, he can’t wait to share his theatrical knowledge, inspire others, and have the opportunity to celebrate this supernatural art form we call musical theater with the amazingly talented Five Star community,  Ryan cannot thank Five Star enough for providing his career’s launchpad, and believes deeply if it weren’t for Five Star, he wouldn’t be an actor who’s shooting for the stars today.  Macte Virtute Sic Itur Ad Astra. (Manhattan School of Music’s Motto)


Counselor, 2023

Skyler DeLacy

Skyler is going into her second year at Salem State University as an Environmental Sustainability major. She loved all seven summers spent at five star as a camper and it led her to dancing with Lindsey at Enchanted Dance Academy for six years. She loves dance and continues to dance in the Salem Dance Ensemble. She also loves cats, music, and any sort of creative craft or activity.

Samantha Gibbs

Counselor, 2023

Samantha Gibbs

Samantha Gibbs is a former Five Star camper and is back as her second year as a counselor. She has performed in Camp Rock, Starmites, Shrek, Elf, Singing in the Rain, and others.  Samantha graduated in 2020 from Reading Memorial High School and was a member of the RMHS Drama Club for four years. Samantha currently studies at Salem State University and also hostesses at the 1928 Club at the TD Garden and Bunratty in Reading. Hair and makeup is her passion as her many TikTok followers can attest

Jack Mendez_edited.jpg

Counselor, 2023

Jack Mendez

Jack is very excited to return to Five Star this summer for his second year as a counselor! Jack is an active member of the Reading theatre community, having spent four summers with Five Star and all four years of high school in the RMHS Drama Club. Jack was a participant in the RMHS Choir Program, serving as student director of the Crescendudes during his junior year. Jack graduated from Reading Memorial High School in the Class of 2022. In the fall, Jack will return to Colby College, where he is studying history. He has continued his passion for the performing arts in Colby’s student-led drama club, theatre department performances, and in a cappella groups. Jack can’t wait to see everyone this summer!

Lucas 2023.png

Counselor, 2023

Lucas Scozzari

Lucas is excited to start his first year as a Five Star counselor. Lucas started Five Star in 8th grade and was able to perform in Newsies Jr. his junior year. Lucas graduated from Reading Memorial High School in the Class of 2023. He is going to be attending Southern New Hampshire University(SNHU) in the fall. He will be studying Psychology with a concentration in mental health and will be participating in their drama department as well as doing a 4 year long video project documenting his time at SNHU.

The past school year Lucas was the Vice President of the RMHS Drama club and in many theater groups like Improv, along with choir groups like Select Choir. Lucas plans to pursue a minor in theater arts in college and will hopefully be cast in their production of Rocky Horror. Lucas can’t wait to be a part of the Five Star crew this year and can't wait to see Peter Pan come to life!

Miles Sopchak_edited.jpg

Counselor, 2023

Miles Sopchak

Miles is excited to start his second year as a Five Star counselor. He has been going to Five Star since he was nine and was thrilled at the opportunity of becoming a counselor himself. Miles graduated from Reading Memorial High School in the Class of 2022 and is attending Rochester Institute of Technology, where he pursuing a degree in software engineering as well as participating in their performing arts program.

At RMHS, Miles was the Student Director of the Crescendudes and a member of Harmonium, both of which are auditioned choral groups. Miles plans to continue participating in choir by joining one of RIT’s acapella groups. Miles also hopes to continue his gymnastics career as a level 10 gymnast at the New York Gymnastics Alliance. 

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