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Be Prepared for Production Design, Kyle Mungenast

In Kyle’s workshop, participants will learn about and experience the responsibilities of a production designer, one of the most important yet overlooked roles in the filmmaking process. The job of a production designer on a film set is to create the overall visual look of the movie, including creating a believable world and setting. To practice some of the responsibilities of a production designer and the “art department” of a film, participants will craft miniature sets inspired by The Lion King.

Kyle has worked as a production designer and on the art department in short and feature films, and is thrilled to share this incredible and collaborative process with Five Star! The participants have not only been learning about the art of production design, but also the responsibilities of the work and how filmmaking is by definition the most collaborative form of art. The collaboration, enthusiasm, and passion the Five Star Participants share during “Be Prepared for Production Design” has been absolutely fantastic – Kyle feels confident that every participant would make an incredible production designer or art director! Next time you watch a movie this summer, be sure to make at least one observation about the production design, and tell Kyle what you noticed!

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