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Build Me a Character, Isabel Molettieri

This workshop is all about character development! Students were asked to think about their favorite characters and reflect on why we love them so much. Through this, they discovered that it is not a character’s situation that makes them so likeable   (for example, we don’t love Spongebob because he lives in a pineapple under the sea. We love him because he’s quirky, funny, has a pet snail, etc.) Students were then asked to use this information and apply it to their own characters in Disney’s The Lion King, JR. 

Students received a character web in which they filled out 3 adjectives that describe the animal/person/object of nature they are playing, and 3 emotions they feel during the show. After this, students engaged in an activity that encouraged them to take these adjectives and emotions and use them in given situations that embody different emotions such as happiness, jealousy, nervousness, and sadness. Then, students participated in a similar activity but this time they came up with the emotions all on their own and other students had to observe their choices and guess which emotion they had in mind.

Isabel hopes students take the skills they learned in this workshop and are able to apply them to not only The Lion King, JR,  but any future characters as well!

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