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Pride Mentality, Caroline Hagan

Simply put, a “Pride” is a group of lions. Just like us, when put into a group, each

lion has its own responsibility! Some hunt, some protect the Pride, some care for the cubs. However, although they all may have different jobs within the Pride, there is one common factor:

They all need to work together to be successful and ultimately survive.

Now even though we are not lions, my workshop this summer is based off of their “Pride Mentality”. In my workshop, participants have a variety of different obstacles, both mental and physical, to overcome - but, they must do it as a group. Through these different activities, the goal is for each group to bond together and form skills like communication, teamwork, and perseverance!

Through the activities, actors are encouraged to use their own unique skills in order to help the group succeed. Every member of every group is vital. While some participants may already be natural born leaders or riddle experts, I have noticed that each individual brings their own talent to the table, which makes for an extremely enjoyable workshop and group dynamic! At the end of every workshop, each group member gets a “pride rock”. Each group gets rocks with a different characteristic written on it to unify and congratulate their success.

Create your own pride rock below by writing a word and coloring it in!

P.S. Participants! Remember to keep the rocks in your pencil cases to ensure a great show!

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