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Matt B.

" I was a participant in Five Star for four excellent summers. During that time, Five Star helped me to discover my love for theatre. Five Star has helped me to excel in my many theatrical endeavors, and given me the confidence to perform in many situations, both onstage and off. Between the wonderful counselors, workshops, and productions, I not only learned about the art of musical theatre, but also forged new skills and friendships. Five Star is the best place for any aspiring actor to spend their summer."

Mark M.

" I simply couldn't imagine the person and artist I would be if I had not spent my summers at Five Star growing up. Five Star was so much more than just my first introduction to theater, it was a place where I was free to be and express myself. Being a part of Five Star meant I had a community of peers, counselors, and teachers that I knew would support, challenge, and embrace me. I am so grateful to have had the opportunity not only to learn about theater, but about working together, embracing differences, and appreciating the arts and creativity as invaluable aspects of education, knowledge, and citizenship."

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